Tax Planning Insights Letters (Subscription)

Promote your tax planning service year-round to high-value clients

Three issues for year-round client contact

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  2. 25


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  • Minimum: 25
  • Multiples of: 25

Item: #33-331

Create demand for tax planning appointments to your high value client. This letter emphasizes the importance of the three critical tax planning times throughout the year: New-Year (January), Mid-Year (June) and Year-End (October). Tax Planning Insights Letters are printed, 4-page, tax client newsletters that help small accounting firms build relationships with high-value clients.

With all the tax changes, you need an easy, cost-effective way to keep clients aware of all the new rules. These letters are the perfect way to educate your clients about relevant tax topics they can apply to their tax situations.

  • Create and reinforce a one-to-one connection with these personalized client letters
  • Send the Tax Planning Insights Letters three times yearly, to increase loyalty, client engagement, and generate year-round revenue
  • New-Year Issue: Encourage scheduling an appointment to create a tax-savings strategy for the upcoming year. Provide tips that prepare clients for tax-filing season.
  • Mid-Year Issue: Promote a mid-year tax planning appointment to review client strategy and to act on tax-saving opportunities while there‚Äôs still time.
  • Year-End Issue: Stress the importance of a year-end tax planning appointment to take advantage of last-minute tax moves and to prepare for the coming filing season
  • Image for item #33-331: Tax Planning Insights Letters (Subscription)

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