TaxVid Client Video Service

Customized Client Videos to Grow Your Firm

Easy-to-use 1-3 minute client videos that are designed to help grow your firm.

In minutes you can:

  • Share on social media
  • Email to clients and prospects
  • Post to your website
  • Play in your lobby
  • No technical expertise needed!

Packages starting at $16/month.

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Video Topics include:

  • Make the Most of Your Donations
    Non-cash donations can really reduce a client's tax obligation, but only if they know the rules.

  • Proving Your Deductions
    Helps clients understand what is needed to document and defend their deductions.

  • Ideas to Audit-Proof Your Tax Return
    Sometimes the best defense in an audit is knowing how to prepare. Here are some great client ideas.

  • Five Great Tax Secrets
    Clients overlook tax deductions. Here are five things every client should know.